TABYEEN is a research and professional training center on the « analytico-systemic and integrative » psychotherapy.

Its theoretical conception is based on the fundamental psychopathology and the theory of the “systems”.

IT is an associated member at the EFTA (European Family Therapy Association) and its scientific activities are largely in coordination with the IEFSH (Institut d'Etude de la Famille et des Systèmes Humains) under a professional training program elaborated by Mony ELKAIM (president of the IEFSH) and Abbas MAKKE .

TABYEEN activities are practiced in Lebanon and in the Arab countries of the Mashreq area.

Professor, Abbas Makke

Makké is a Professor of Fundamental Psychopathology specializing in Clinical, Systemic and Psychoanalysis Psychology. He is a psychotherapist and vice-president of the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP) - representative of Mashrèk.

Makké was educated, trained and performed research (1964-1985) in Paris - Sorbonne - Paris 7 Diderot with Pierre Fédida, Claude Revault D'Allonnes at the Laboratory of Fundamental Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis created by Ms. Favez Boutonnier and Jean Laplanche.

Makké is president and founding member of the Society of Psychotherapy Practitioners and Consultants (SPPC). He is president and founder of TABYEEN International - training center in psychotherapy - analytico-systemic model (MAS) in the context of integrative therapy.

Makké places psychotherapy at the crossroads of the multi-referential method and at the centre of thought and scientific logic. He has written several books and articles in this field (in Arabic and French). His writings are based on diagrams that seek to link clinical facts to scientific concepts.